Are you ready to be a startup entrepreneur?

Every person dreams of the day when they can give up their job and become a successful entrepreneur, but are you truly ready to take that leap? If not then your best chance at success is if you think long and hard about what kind of entrepreneurship excites you.

Pursuing entrepreneurship is not just a career choice, but an all-encompassing lifestyle change. Make sure you are doing it for the right reasons so that your venture doesn't end up being meaningless and fruitless.

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After starting the interview, you are being asked the specific questions by our automated AI Interviewer.

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After finishing the interview, you can see the detailed report containing the result based on your interview performance and scope of improvement with suggestions.

An automated interview process with AI

Interview Analytics System analyzes your audio and video captured during the interview to give you a detailed analysis on your communication, articulation, speech rate, facial expressions, emotions, confidence, engagement and expressiveness level.


The experience was seamless and their interview analytics is pretty amazing. Worth your time and money!



Interview process was good but the report and the suggestions were awesome. I'm very happy with the results.



Interview System

Interview System

The system would try to detect your microphone and camera. Once the detection is completed, it would require your permission to capture your response in audio and video to start the interview.

Analytics System

Analytics System

This enables you to check your performance in each question of the interview. You can also examine other metrics to see the graph and look at your response in any particular question.

Analytics Report

Analytics Report

The PDF report gives you a detailed result on your interview performance. It will also contain the suggestions to improve during the next interview.

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CogniCue aims at capturing and converting true emotions & feelings into extremely accurate data.

CogniCue operates as an online platform that converts verbal and noverbal cues like emotions & micro-expressions into analytics, finally releasing a report covering strengths, weakness, genuine interest, aptitude & many other aspects related to a personality.